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If you look back through the centuries of dental and orthodontic technology, you’ll notice that metal braces were the earliest type of orthodontic treatment. The fact that they are still popular today is a tribute to their effectiveness. While many people are familiar with the overall concept of metal braces, few are aware of how far their technology has progressed since its inception. In fact, brace technology has progressed by leaps and bounds in just the last decade!

In Hyderabad, there are metal braces. Braces have two parts: brackets and wires. In recent years, research and development have resulted in modifications to both sections, making braces more comfortable and attractive.

Today’s metal braces have low-profile brackets that are smaller and thinner, making them less noticeable on the teeth and more pleasant on the cheeks and lips. The brackets may have clips on them that hold the wires, obviating the need for coloured elastic bands in some circumstances. However, some patients (especially adolescents and teenagers) still love the ability to choose the colours of their bands each month and may prefer brackets with elastic bands.

Braces in Hyderabad

Advances in material science have enabled heat-activated archwires in braces, in addition to improvements in brackets. When cold, these wires are malleable, but when exposed to body heat, they eventually return to their former shape.

As a result, rather than increasing the stress on the teeth all at once, the wire gradually increases it, making the days following the placement of a new wire significantly more comfortable.

Braces are extremely effective in moving teeth and they allow our orthodontist to precisely manage the forces applied to the teeth. As a result, braces can be used to treat almost any orthodontic issue. It also means that braces are the quickest way to cure a variety of disorders. Keep in mind, however, that braces do not have to be metal braces on the front of the teeth to provide this benefit; clear braces (brackets composed of tooth-colored ceramic) and lingual braces are both highly effective treatment options.

Metal braces are the most cost-effective orthodontic treatment option. Metal braces are the most affordable approach to get your ideal smile for individuals who are concerned about expense.

Are You a Good Candidate For Metal Braces?
While braces are effective at moving teeth, most patients will need to wear them for one to two years. Throughout this time, you must remain committed to the notion of braces. If you think this will be problematic for you, you should explore clear braceslingual braces, or Invisalign as an alternative. Patients who are driven by a desire for a flawless smile, on the other hand, may find it easier to stick to their metal braces therapy.

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Braces made of ceramic

Perhaps you’d like an almost-invisible orthodontic treatment to improve your teeth’s alignment. If that’s the case, ceramic braces may be the best option. They’re just as strong as standard metal braces, but they’re stain-resistant.

What Makes Ceramic Braces Unique?
They are significantly less noticeable than the metal braces that were once so ubiquitous because they are made of composite materials that blend in with the colour of your teeth. Ceramic braces are less obvious once they are in place since their structure is “tooth-colored” and the small rubber bands that hold the arch wires to the teeth are likewise tooth-colored or even colourless.

What are the Benefits of Ceramic Braces?
Hyderabad Cermaic Braces | Clear Orthodontic Treatment
Ceramic braces, like all other orthodontic equipment, have a number of advantages:

They correct teeth that are crooked.
Bring your jaws into proper alignment if they’re out of whack.
Raise your dental health; crowded and crooked teeth can be difficult to clean correctly, leading to periodontal disease if not corrected.
Furthermore, if your teeth and jaws are misaligned, the extra effort necessary to chew your meal might strain your muscles and tendons, resulting in long-term pain.

With so many advantages, learning and practising proper routine orthodontic cleaning at home is simple (and worthwhile!)—and it’s actually comparable to the routine you’d use if you didn’t have orthodontics.

Ceramic Braces: How to Look After Them
Because food can become caught in the brackets and wires, brushing and flossing should be done frequently (and thoroughly), especially after meals, to reduce cavities and tartar buildup. Even more importantly, it’s essential to avoid certain foods (think hard and/or sticky) for the length of your treatment to keep your ceramic braces from breaking or getting loose:

Vegetables that are tough
Pizza and bread with a hard crust
Gum bubbles

Ceramic braces may be your best option if you keep your focus on your goals of straight teeth, pain-free chewing, and, most importantly, the powerful and nearly invisible orthodontics that will help you achieve them. Call Smilebook Dental Hyderabad or send us an email today for additional information and a comprehensive orthodontic evaluation.

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