Teeth Whitening at Smilebook Dental Hyderabad

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Teeth Whitening at Smilebook Dental Hyderabad

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The Zoom whitening option is used by the doctors at Smilebook Dental in Bachupally, Hyderabad to help patients from all across Hyderabad enjoy brighter, whiter teeth for smiles that are naturally beautiful and healthy.

What causes the darkening of teeth?
Teeth discolouration can result from a variety of factors, including years of staining from certain meals and beverages, as well as cigarette and cigar smoke and chewing tobacco. Some drugs, as well as some disorders, can cause teeth to darken. Teeth can become discoloured on the outside or on the inside as a result of trauma, disease, or improper teeth care. For discolouration that arises inside the teeth, whitening treatments are unsuccessful. Your teeth will be inspected before to your whitening treatment to discover the reason of discoloration and to guarantee that whitening is the best solution.

What is Zoom Whitening and how does it work?
Zoom employs a hydrogen peroxide-based gel that was created exclusively for professional tooth whitening in a dentist’s office. As a result, it’s far more effective than store-bought products, and it produces more consistent and long-lasting results. The gel will be put to your teeth during the Zoom whitening operation, and an activating light will be utilised to help the gel reach its best results. To guarantee that the full tooth surface is exposed to the gel and light, a mouthpiece will be utilised to help hold your lips back from your teeth. The gel will be removed after the treatment is completed, which takes about 15 minutes, displaying your whiter, brighter smile.

Will a single treatment be sufficient to show results?
You’ll notice whitening results after only one treatment, but for the best results, many patients schedule three separate treatments spaced a few weeks apart.

Can I get my porcelain veneers whitened?
No, whitening treatments aren’t designed to lighten or whiten veneers or resin bonding materials. These will almost certainly need to be replaced if they get permanently discoloured.

Smilebook Dental is based in Hyderabad and has numerous locations to serve individuals from all around the city. We are open seven days a week to give our patients more options when it comes to scheduling. With over 12 years of experience, we’ve grown into a multi-specialty clinic that can help you with any dental problem, anywhere. Make an appointment with Smilebook Dental Hyderabad for teeth whitening now!

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